House of Meltemi

House of Meltemi

A corner of blue on the Greek island of Rhodes. The old oven of a small village in the hinterland has become a kitchen with its original exposed stones.It opens onto the garden where the absolute white outlines the essential and geometric spaces interrupted by the Mediterranean green.


35° 57′ 0″ N 27° 46′ 0″ E


Wundercamera Lab


Interior design

The essential of the typical Greek house, beamed ceilings with bamboo canes, the central stone arch, the raised wooden beds, the imperfect white plaster to which we have added new spaces joined by a particular floor in cement and resin that imitates the backwash of a sea.

A Sicilian floor of 700, lamps and brass sinks from Marrakech, a collection of ceramic fishes that go up the wall, indigo African fabrics and ikat of central Asia, exotic suggestions in an essential and pure space, dominated by light, simple to live in the sun with slowness.