Wundercamera is a container of tales that come from very far or very close.

It is the intent of telling that brought the Wundercamera project into the world, a laboratory where ideas and materials blend together.

Tales that run through the threads of sweaters and fabrics or populate our interiors, bearers of the signs of time and absolutely contemporary.

Tales of people we encounter, of findings and dreams, and those whose love for the matter makes them unique.

Divided between two souls, nostalgic gatherers and synthetic designers, we gather ideas and suggestions that are catalogued on the shelves of our chamber of wonders.

Some become projects.

The persons and the matter are at the centre, the product at the end, as a result of an unrushed process.

Slow design of our projects and objects as slow- moving consumer goods, which need time to be realized, come in small unique productions.

Our interiors are spaces designed to be lived and shared, where friends and children are welcome, blending tailored-made pieces and rediscovered objects.

A project workshop, a bazaar of special objects, a storytelling agency 2.0.